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Pool Lighting

Panera will light up your swimming pool with your own exclusive style.

Swimming is one of the most popular sport in the world and is acknowledged as quite beneficial. In 1828, the first indoor swimming pool was built in Liverpool George wharf in UK, then there are more and more of the swimming pool, swimming is popular all over the world. People also pay more and more attention to the decoration of the swimming pool.

Panera think that good lighting can bring pleasure to swim, and provide better swimming experience. Safe, durable, beautiful is our pursuit of the pool lights.


Our swimming pool lighting solutions include underwater lighting and shoreside lighting.

Underwater lighting

we choose the super long constant current LED strip, to ensure same brightness of whole strip, bring the swimming pool smooth lighting brightness. Because it is used under water, the waterproof rating must achieve IP68. According to the environment of swimming pool, we made long time testing, our waterproof led strip can soak in the low content of chloride water. Customers also concern about the cutting and connecting, we have solution with junction box and heat shrinkable tube. For the color temperature, no matter you need bright white, vibrant red, or romantic blue, we can customize for you.

Shoreside lighting

We think that just decorate the swimming pool is not enough, the shoreside place is also very important.

On shore the light is mainly for decoration.So we use the neutral white color which is not too dazzling, and the waterproof rating up to IP67.

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