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Panera will give you a satisfactory answer to replace your local public traffic lighting

Along with the growing awareness of environmental protection and recyclable, people's awareness of lighting is also changing, especially the illumination of public facilities. The most common forms of transportation, such as buses and subways, need to be updated. In the traditional lighting, the service life of the bulb is shorter, and costs more electricity. Panera according to this problem has developed a series of lights suitable for bus and subway.


Panera believes that the LED strips for the automotive lighting should be bright enough, wide light beam and reliable. According to these ideas, after several changes, finally we identified two new products. We chose the 3528, 3014, the two kinds of LED sources, 3528 is a very common but reliable; 3014 single lumen value is higher, and the LED strip's lumen output can reach 2100 lm/m. We design the working voltage as 24VDC, and solve the problem on how to work properly under the unstable power supply, to match the bus voltage. Double row circuit board increases the heat dissipation space, reduces the light decay, and increases the shiny surface, to illuminate the carriage. Also LED the life of an average of 50000 hours, can bring stable lasting lights, reduce the cost of replacing the original T5, T8 lamp, and achieve the goal of environmental protection.

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