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24V Submersible Marine LED strip lights with IP68 waterproof rating 25 meters/82.02FT long with one power supply
Link: underwater neon strip    2021-10-25
... Mount these waterproof Single Color LED strips anywhere you want to add lighting.Mount LEDs under your gunnels, in cockpit, in cabins, in live wells / bait wells, and anywhere else you need LED strips that can be submerged under water. LED strips come with two types of mount clips instead of (3M VHB adhesive backing) for easy installation, there are top mount clip and side mount clip.Top mount clip install way.Side mount clip install way.LED strips can be cut every 6 LEDs/5cm along the cutting marks without damage to rest of the LEDs. End caps and bespoked two components silicone glue are required to reseal the strips once they have been cut to size. End caps and silicone glue are sold separately and must under professional handle which Panera Lighting will support you.These boat LED light strips have a waterproof rating of IP68 allowing LEDs to be submersible in water. The LED strips are encased in a silicone tube coating that is sealed on each end.LED strips come with 16.40FT (500mm) long waterproof wire leads only (Red + and Black -) with IP68 waterproof, for you connect with power supply. We have power supply/adapter in waterproof IP67 of MeanWell brand. Or just wire into your existing 24volt system.Uses:Marine LED Lights: Live well, bait well, under gunnels, cockpits, swim platform, console, pontoon, kayak, paddle board.Automotive LED Lights: Truck under glow, truck underbody, off-road led lights, ATV, snowmobile, RV, caravan, trailer, horse trailer led lighting.Outdoor LED Lights: Tiki bar, dock lighting, ponds, pools, decks, fountains, waterfalls, etc.Max underwater 2meters / 6.56FTSpecs:Length: Customize from 0.33FT (0.1M) to full 82.02FT (25M) roll (sizes are approximate and within 0.25 Inch)Color: Choose between Blue, Cool White, Red, and GreenLEDs: 140 SMD 2835 leds per meterLifespan: exceeds 30,000+5.0 Watts per meter / 1.52 Watts per foot450 Lumen per meter / 137.20 Lumen per foot0.21 amps per meter / 0.064 amps per footInput Voltage: 24VdcStrip width measures 15mm alone, 12mm with submersible coatingCE certified by TUVThree-year warrantyOverviewThis flexible LED strip/neon strip light is perfect for a wide range of outdoor applications, and is fit for full, permanent submersion in water. It emits a smooth beam of vibrant white light. Mount clip instead of 3Mâ„¢ adhesive backing enables fast and strong, easy mounting. Backed by a lifetime warranty.Attention the bending when installation:R≥40mm and angle ≥60 degree is correct,R≥30mm and angle ≥90 degree is ok,R<40mm and angle <60 degree is incorrect.More information please see www.paneralighting.comEnquiry please contact View Details

Top mount installation

Top mount clip install way.

Side mount clip

Illuminate Your Poolscape with Striking Pool Light Strips
Link:     2023-08-15
... Transform your pool into a glorious nighttime spectacle with brilliant custom pool light strips designed specifically for underwater installation. Available in vibrant singular colors like blue, green, and magenta or color-changing RGB and RGBW, these LED lighting strips install easily to electrify your poolscape.Mount strategically around steps, benches, or the inner pool wall just below the waterline for dramatic effects. The waterproof silicone casing allows permanent submersion and uniforms luminosity across the entire lighted surface. Choose strips in shorter lengths to precisely accent niches and contours. Connect multiple strips seamlessly end-to-end for an enveloping colorful glow.Installation is safe and simple with 12 and 24 volt options perfect for pool integration. Connect to low voltage transformers set nearby. Use mounting clips to cleanly affix strips to any non-porous surface. Hire a professional electrician if integrating with high voltage systems. The flexibility of LED strip pool lights empowers boundless creativity.Accentuate the slope of a vanishing edge with cascading colors. Outline stairways with brilliant white light for gorgeous reflection and enhanced safety. Install underwater to illuminate up fountain jets and water features for a truly striking display.High quality LED diodes ensure exceptional brightness, uniformity, and energy efficiency for affordable enjoyment. Brands like Lighting House, AuKing, and Tasco offer weatherproof lighting strips designed to withstand pooling water, humidity, and chemicals. With proper installation, LED pool light strips will dazzle for years before ever needing replacement.Let pool light strips lead you into a new world of underwater allure and luxury. Bid farewell to boring pools and unlock your inner designer. With strategic placement and creative color control, your backyard pool will transform into a sublime aquatic playground. View Details
Dive Into Style: Installing Pool Light Strips for Brilliant Effects
Link: pool lights    2023-08-15
... Make a stunning style statement with the installation of LED pool light strips designed to illuminate your poolscape in vibrant color. Creating brilliant lighting effects is easy with these convenient underwater light strips. Just mount them strategically, wire them to a low voltage power source, and watch your pool come to life. The first step is deciding where to place the pool light strips for maximum visual impact. Accent steps and benches, frame the interior wall just below the water line, or highlight pathways and other features. Consider outlining specialty areas like spillways or grottoes. For dramatic results, install underwater to illuminate floor patterns, fountains, and more. Next, determine the lighting layout. Measure the application areas and purchase LED strips for exact or close fit. Allow extra length and cut strips to size – cutting guidelines are included. Join multiple strips using connectors for longer runs. Finally, space strips evenly to achieve uniform lighting. Installation is simple using mounting clips or tracks designed not to damage pool surfaces. Hardwire to 12 or 24 volt transformers or a pool lighting circuit for worry-free underwater use. Consider hiring a professional electrician for proper wiring, voltage regulation, and remote device control.  Once everything’s lit up, it’s time enjoy brilliantly accentuated features throughout your poolscape. With waterproof LED strips offering every color under the rainbow, the possibilities for creating captivating aquatic ambiance are truly endless. Let pool light strips guide you into sophisticated style. View Details
Take the Plunge into Pool Light Strips: Your Guide to the Hottest Pool Trend
Link:     2023-08-16
... Dive into the brilliant new world of pool light strips and bring an electrifying edge to aquatic ambiance. These LED light strips offer dazzling underwater effects, energizing any poolscape after dark. Installing flexible light strips is a simple weekend project. Follow this beginner’s guide to illuminate your swimming hole with the hottest pool trend.First, select low voltage 12V strips in your preferred colors. Single color strips in blue, green and amber create a signature look. For versatile mood lighting, choose RGB strips offering the whole spectrum. Adhere strips to clean, smooth surfaces like steps, benches, and interior pool walls just below the waterline for maximum impact.  Connect strips to a nearby 12V transformer box. Choose a weatherproof, pool-safe power source designed specifically for underwater lights. Use mounting clips to cleanly attach strips – don’t stretch or curve strips to avoid LED damage. For a seamless glow, space strips evenly and link multiple strips using connectors. Control colors and effects easily with a wireless LED remote. Include waterproof inline switches for manual on/off. Install a timer box to automate scheduled lighting periods. With proper preparation and installation, these electrifying LED strips offer vivid illumination with impressive design flexibility. Take the plunge into the nonstop poolside atmosphere LED strips provide at the touch of a button! View Details
Pool Light Strips: How to Choose the Perfect Underwater Accent Lighting
Link:     2023-08-16
... When it comes to underwater pool lighting,LED strip lights open a new world of possibilities. Linear LED stripsilluminate steps, benches, interior walls, and flooring to stylish effect. Thisguide will walk you through choosing the ideal pool light strips foraccentuating your unique pool design and features. First, determine which areas you want tohighlight. Steps and bench surfaces benefit from perimeter lighting for safetyand style. Walls gain dimension from strips placed just below the waterline.The floor transforms into a light show canvas with strips adhered inpatterns.  Next, measure the application area lengthsto calculate the strip lighting needed. Purchase adequate strip lighting in thedesired colors allowing a bit extra. Choose LED strip widths based on accentsize – 1/2", 3/4" and 1" are common. Include connectors to linkstrips seamlessly. Assess required brightness and visibility.Brighter strips have a higher LED diode density at the cost of higher energyuse. Opt for RGB or RGBW strips if color versatility is key for the intendedlighting effects. Finally, choose strips rated for permanentunderwater submersion at depths up to 1 meter. Quality casing resists damagefrom water, heat, and sunlight. Select strips compatible with CEC low voltagesafety standards. Withparameters like placement, length, brightness, and performance considered,choosing pool light strips that provide perfect accent lighting is a breeze! View Details
Safety and Beauty: The Benefits of Pool Light Strips for Night Swimming
Link:     2023-08-16
... When designing pool lighting, safety andaesthetics go hand-in-hand. LED pool light strips offer bright, beautifulillumination making night swims a pleasure. Waterproof LED strips are easy toinstall anywhere around your pool’s interior or underwater. Take advantage ofthe unique benefits strips provide. Uniform perimeter lighting keeps steps,benches, and walls clearly visible in the dark. This aids navigation andprevents slips or falls. White or bright blue strips provide ideal visibilityfor gauging pool depth and clearance. Vivid underwater strips transform thebottom into a luminous spectacle but also improve spatial awareness. Adherecolorful floor patterns to indicate changes in slope or depth. Clearly litentry and exit points prevent disorientation.  Powder-coated aluminum casing withstandsharsh pool chemicals and weather, outlasting ordinary strip lights. ChooseCEC-compliant 12V or 24V LED strips for underwater safety. Connect to a GFCIprotected transformer away from standing water. Install strips on stairs, swimouts,loungers, and vertical walls for a professional quality result. An electriciancan integrate strips into the main pool circuitry. Use a wireless controller toactivate customized color light shows. For night swimmers, ample pool illuminationis non-negotiable. LED strip lighting satisfies safety needs while unlockingcreative potential. Brighten up! View Details

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