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We offer different warranty according to different quality. Here we take 3 year warranty as an example

  • LIMITED WARRANTY-3 Year Warranty
Panera hereby warrants, to the original purchaser, that Panera to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of Three years from the date of purchase for its LED products.This warranty shall be valid only if the product is purchased within the P.R.CHINA from Panera directly. It is the owner’s responsibility to establish the date and place of purchase by acceptable evidence, at the time service is sought.
For warranty service, send the product only to the Panera company. All shipping charges must be pre-paid. If the requested repairs or service (including parts replacement) are within the terms of this warranty, Panera will pay return shipping charges only to your address. If the entire instrument is sent, it must be shipped in its original package. No accessories should be shipped with the product. If any accessories are shipped with the product, Panera shall have no liability what so ever for loss of or damage to any such accessories, nor for the safe return thereof.
This warranty is void,
If the serial number has been altered or removed;
If the product was modified by the user;
If the product was not installed or maintained according to manual or specification accompanied;
If the product was subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence;
If the product has been repaired or serviced by anyone other than Panera unless prior written authorization was issued to purchaser by Panera;
If the product was damaged because not properly maintained as set forth in the instruction manual;
If the product has other damages caused after receipt of product by customer.
This is not a service contract, and this warranty does not include maintenance, cleaning, or dismounting the defectives and re-installing. During the period specified above, Panera will replace defective parts at its expense, and will absorb all its expenses for warranty service and repair labor by reason of defects in material or workmanship. The sole responsibility of Panera under this warranty shall be limited to the repair of the product, or replacement thereof, including parts, at the sole discretion of Panera.
Panera reserves the right to make changes in design and/or improvements upon its products without any obligation to include these changes in any products theretofore manufactured.
No warranty, whether expressed or implied, is given or made with respect to any accessory supplied with products described above. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, all implied warranties made by Panera in connection with its products, including warranties of merchantability or fitness, are limited in duration to the warranty period set forth above. And no warranties, whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness, shall apply to its products after said period has expired. The consumer’s and or dealer’s sole remedy shall be such repair or replacement as is expressly provided above; and under no circumstances shall Panera be liable for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use, its products.
This warranty is the only written warranty applicable to Panera products and supersedes all prior warranties and written descriptions of warranty terms and conditions heretofore published.

1.Prepare and provide following information

Defective items info (including part number and product name) and quantity

Description of the manufacturing defect

Proofs of defect, e.g. photos and videos

Original invoice issued by Panera

Date of purchase and, if already installed, date of installation

2.Contact Panera Customer Service Team

Please use one of the following methods to provide above information.

E-mail: sales@paneralighting.com
Fax: 86-574-82823209

Our Customer Service Team will advise you on the next steps to complete your warranty claims.

To obtain approval of product return to Panera, customer needs to follow our return procedures below:

Complete "Defective Return Form" or email: sales@paneralighting.com to obtain "Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number", and the shipping address.
Indicate clearly the above "Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number" on the return product and dispatch the product to the stated shipping address.
Returned product will be inspected upon arrival to Panera.
Once product is determined to be defective, we will replace or repair the product within twenty working days.


Any return without authorization of Panera will not be accepted.

If return product is found to be damaged, missing parts, a minimum 17% restocking fee will be charged.

If return product is found to be non-damaged, the product will be returned to customer, at customer's expense, and a minimum 10% test fee of the product value will be charged.

Please detailedly describe the problem(s) you've met and also send the original invoice or invoice number to: sales@paneralighting.com, we'll handle it within one working day.

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