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Built-in Lighting Board

We are always here waiting for you to support your ideals or design.

We often encounter such a problem, sometimes in a flash in the brain, there's a good idea, but suffer from a variety of reasons and failed to achieve. Many of our customers have the perfect design of lamps, but because of local procurement cost is high or lacking appropriate light source to support, customer let us customize the LED strips or core light fittings to feed in their lamps, so as to achieve their original design effect.


Figure Ⅰ and figure Ⅱ, are the two applications of a customer, one for the kitchen, one for the cloakroom. We admire the wisdom of the customer, the design saves space effectively, and bring aesthetic feeling to home. Kitchen cabinet lighting mainly is to have a warm atmosphere, so we chose 3000 Kelvin warm white light strip, to build a linear effect in the profiles. And for cloakroom the more important is the function of the lighting, it adopts the bright LED strips to build into the lamps, together with the built-in sensor, both to make it more convenient for people to choose clothes, also convenient and can save electricity.

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