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Plant Growth Lighting

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From agricultural civilization to modern plantation economy, science and technology plays a big role. Our plant growth lamp is a kind of special lamp, by utilizing the sunlight principle, use light instead of sunlight for plant growth. As supplement light, at any time of day it can enhance the light, and can extend the effective illumination time. No matter in the evening or at night, it can effectively extend and control the the lights needed for plants. Since 2015, Panera started research of plant growth lamp. Hope to be able to bring safe and efficient plant growth lamp to the world.


Customers often ask the questions, what is the significance of indoor plant growth lamp? How to do and which kind of LED should be chosen? Panera also researched these for a long time.

Studies have shown that:
The Red lighting: the wavelength of 610 nm - 720 nm. Accelerate the photosynthesis, improve the plant growth.

The Blue lighting: the wavelength of 400 nm - 400 nm. Enhance the chloroplast activity, and promote the plant photosynthesis.

The Purple light: the wavelength of 300 nm - 300 nm. Promote the plant pigment formation and absorption of phosphorus, aluminum. Directly affect plants and fruit of vitamin D, the formation of the cuticle and the formation of dry matter.


Here for example the lettuce. According to the needs of lettuce photosynthesis light, we adopt composite light source, covering the wavelength range of photosynthesis. After combining the redand blue LEDs, it comes into being basically the same spectrum of plant photosynthesis and morphogenesis, the light energy utilization rate achieves 80% ~ 90%. Three weeks later, the lettuce from the initial four pieces grow to 10 pieces. The growth of lettuce roots is good, the height rises rapidly. Under the LED plant light irradiation, the growth of lettuce is 36% faster thanthe sunlight to grow.

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