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Bathroom Lighting

Do you need a warm bathroom?

Trust Panera to bring you a wonderful experience, light your life!

There is no other place more important than bathroom that needs to be well lighted, because we go to our bathroom after waking up and before going to bed every day. There is a high demand of practicality of the lighting, which is determined by the particularity of the bathroom. It is absolutely not enough to install one light on the ceiling. Some low power fixtures and led strips can be added in appropriate locations to create the atmosphere of romance and warmth. Security, practicality, warmth is our three major concepts. And Panera hopes that bathroom lighting can bring a beautiful day.


It is divided into main lighting, mirror lighting and back mood lighting when designing.


We take our panel light as the main light. It helps brighten the bathroom. We need a warm room, so we choose warm white light, with color temperature 3000K. Equipped with round and square fixtures, the appropriate halos and shadows are formed. And our morning hazy eyes and tired eyes at night will be taken care of by the soft light.

Mirror light is much more important in a bathroom. In our mind, the light should be glare-free, without shadows and even. So low power linear led strip is taken and put in the profile around the mirror. To show the skin color, we suggest 3000k, CRI80+ LED. Appropriate lighting is conducive to creating a better image. We hope everyone can show the best.

Back mood light pursues a more comfortable atmosphere. Mainly linear effect is needed to install up/down the cabinet to improve your life quality.


Due to the water and humidity in the bathroom, it is essential to pay attention to the IP grade. Normally we suggest IP44. It’s waterproof and suitable for bathroom. Considering the different position, would you kindly tell us your details and we will offer our professional suggestion.

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