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Key Features
•Made of special silicone material, it has good flexibility, can be bent front and sideways, and is suitable for special-shaped wall washing scenes.
•The LED emit independently, with an optical lens, and the light-emitting angle is small, only 40°, which is farther than the traditional LED strip, and can achieve the same light effect as the traditional wall washer.
•Constant current design, the maximum working length can reach 10 meters, the supply length is 0.5M, 1M, 3M, 5M, can be interconnected.
•It can be equipped with mounting buckles or aluminum profiles for surface mount or recessed installation, and can also be equipped with brackets for angle and height adjustment.
•Indoor and outdoor use, IP67 protection level, IK08 anti-collision level, and support for a 3 years warranty.
•It is suitable for live broadcast rooms, company reception, special-shaped flower beds, eaves, external walls of special-shaped buildings, corridors and other scenes.
Technical Data

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