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Key Features
•The whole package is made of PU, which is soft and can be bent on the front. The optical lens is added on the lamp bead, which has a small luminous angle. Compared with the traditional soft lamp, the lighting distance is longer, achieving the lighting effect of the traditional wall washing lamp;
•The lamp band is designed with constant current, and its working length can reach 10 meters. It is equipped with 3M VHB waterproof adhesive, which is free of holes and easy to operate;
•IP67 protection level, IK08 anti-collision level, V2 flame retardant level, UV resistance, yellowing resistance, indoor and outdoor use, and support a three-year warranty;
•10mm ultra-thin product thickness can be applied to narrow spaces, such as flower beds, eaves, various building gaps, corridors and corridors.

Technical Data
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